5 Fantastic Ways to Use your Hoop (That Aren't Waist Hooping!)

Wondering what else your hula hoop is good for? I've been collecting all of these weird and wonderful ways to hoop without hooping, and here they are:

two performers hold burning hula hoops

Set your Hoop on fire πŸ”₯

This one isn't very beginner-friendly, I'll admit, but setting your hoop aflame is a great way to spice up your hooping if you've been practicing for a while.

Check our our dear friends at Flaming Caravan (above) for fire inspiration, and always keep yourself safe with these best practices. If fire isn't your thing, try a glow hoop instead!

man juggles multiple hula hoops

Juggle-Jams! πŸ€ΉπŸ½β€β™€οΈ

Juggling hoops is so impressive, I've seen three, four, five + hoops get thrown around. Try it by yourself or with a friend. Check out The Catching Machine (above) to see what I'm talking about, an Auckland-based performer who makes juggling look easy.

woman performs acrobatics on a lyra, or hanging hoop

Fly High on a Lyra ⭕️

Ok, so a Lyra isn't technically a hula hoop but I had to add it in because it's extremely wonderful and I wanted to shout out my two current faves: YoJellyBelly and Luna Blue (above).

performer uses hula hoop for tricks and flips

Jump-through 🦘

Skipping or jumping through your hoop is a great way to get some cardio in your day! Want to level up? Get inspired (and mind-blown) by Jacob Acrobat (above), who is often using hoops in their amazing acrobatics. Big hoops work best for skipping and jump-throughs.

Marawa the amazing holds a world record for most hula hoops

Hula Hoop x 200 πŸ₯‡

Marawa the Amazing holds the record for most hoops hula'd at one time! If you're getting good at waist hooping why not add another one, two, three, or 200 hoops!

Got other ideas? Let us know!