Terms of service & Shipping

We at Pixie Hula Hoops strive to bring you quality products.

Here are our Terms and Conditions: 

Our 2 Month Warranty guarantees the structural integrity of both the hoop tubing and its parts. This does not include tape as this naturally will wear from use. 
The warranty does not cover damage caused by mis-use including brute force, melting from heat, damage from incorrect storage and other accidents. 
We can not accept refunds of used products unless the refund is because of a manufacturing error. 
Hoop sizes may have an up to an inch discrepancy in size due to the handmade nature of our products. We do our best to ensure our measurements are as accurate as possible however due to making by hand and not mass producing, products may vary. 

Please check our Returns Policy for more details about Returns.

Injury & Mis-use 

We do not take responsibility for how any items purchased from us are used once received. Any injury is the responsibility of the user and any mis-use by the purchaser or otherwise is not our responsibility. Any customer using our digital goods is responsible for their own health and safety while doing so and should consult a doctor before attempting any instructions if unsure or unfit to do so. 

Shipping is done via NZ post, tracked. We ship across New Zealand and to Australia.

If the wrong kind of shipping is selected at checkout your product will not be sent until the shipping is paid for in full. Please select the correct shipping for your location and product selection. If you are unsure, don't hesitate to get in touch.