Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which hula hoop or product is right for me?

Answer: This depends on where you are in your hula hoop journey and what you'd like to get out of it. A polypro hula hoop would be lighter and more reactive for tricks, a beginner hula hoop would be heavier, slower, and have more momentum- great for those who are starting to learn new tricks, or anyone who is mostly interested in waist hooping. Have a look at the table below and see which one best describes you:

I have never hula hooped before OR I have done a little hula hooping & want to start learning some tricks A beginner hoop is recommended
I will be mainly hula hooping for fitness or weightloss OR I have tried hula hooping before and found it a bit tricky A weighted fitness hoop is for you
I am buying a hula hoop for a child under about 12 years old A Kid's hoop is what you need
I am mostly interested in learning off-body tricks (i.e. NOT waist hooping) Intermediate polypro hoops could be for you
I want to buy a gift for someone but I'm not sure what would be best for them We sell Giftcards
I've got hoops and now I need some costumes! We sell Clothes


Q2. What size hula hoop do I need?

Answer: This can depend on your size, or what you want to do with the hula hoop. Generally speaking, the wider or taller you are, the bigger your hula hoop will be. This is especially true for waist-hooping. If you're not interested in getting inside your hula hoop, and want to use it mostly for off-body tricks, a smaller diameter hoop could be for you. 

Have a look at our size guide for more information.

If you are still in doubt, don't hesitate to get in touch.


Q3. What are my shipping options?

Answer: We offer various shipping options including overnight courier within NZ, and international shipping to the UK and Australia. (We may be able to post to other countries, please check with us first). Prices also vary within NZ depending on your location and what you're buying so please check shipping options carefully at check out. Please note that if you select the wrong shipping by mistake you may be invoiced for the difference. 


Q4: How long will my hula hoop take?

Answer: We are a very small business and custom make all of our hula hoops to order by hand. This means they can take a little time to come to life. Generally speaking we aim to get all hoops to their new homes within a week, but during busier times you should allow a few extra days. Once items are shipped off, you will recieve a tracking code and most orders arrive within 2-3 days.


Q5: I've ordered the wrong hula hoop! Can I exchange?

Answer: Because our hula hoops are custom-made, the short answer is we cannot exchange hula hoops once they are made.

If you have changed your mind about colour options and let us know before we have started making, we can swap out colours for you on the same style hoop.

We do offer a 2-month guarantee on hoops and may be able to accept returns and/or offer refunds if the hoop reaches you in a faulty condition. Please check our returns policy for more details.


Q6: Do you do bulk-buy discounts?

Answer: We review these on a case-by-case basis. If you are planning to buy three or more hoops, get in touch with us to discuss.


Q7: Can I pick my hoop up in person? & Do you have a physical store?

Answer: We do not have a physical store and we sell 99.9% of hula hoops online. However, if you are in the Mohua Golden Bay area you are very welcome to pick up your hula hoop in person and save on shipping.