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  • The happy habit of hooping

    Get ready for next summer NOW! We're talking about learning, we're talking about practicing, we're talking about having a grand old time with your trusty old, or sparkly new hula hoop.
  • How to hula hoop with 2 hoops!

    Double hooping is a whole other skill set compared to hooping with just one hula hoop. It requires complex brain body connections which allow both ...
  • Hula Hooping Inspiration

    Recently I have been teaching choreographed routines over on Hoop Dance Academy and I wanted to share a video of someone who inspired me to pick up...
  • How To Get Fit From Hula Hooping

      Hulahoop fitness is big right now with sales of weighted fitness hoops drastically rising this last couple of years. With so many people buying...
  • Best Hula Hoop Tricks For Total Beginners

    What hoop tricks should I learn as a total beginner?! Yaaaaaay! I'm thrilled that you have decided to take the journey of learning hula hoop! Hones...
  • Hula Hoop Classes At Your Fingertips

    Wooooweeeee, its been a big messy year for us! Growing Pixie Hula Hoops has been such an incredible way to meet other hoopers in the community here...
  • What to do when you drop your hoop!

    Let's face it.. dropping that hoop is inevitable. Even for professionals! In fact, if you're not dropping your hoop then you're not challenging yourself and that part of the joy of hooping!   
  • It's multi-hoop month!

    This month we will be sharing with you all the goodies focused around multi-hooping! 
    You can expect to find some beginner and intermediate multi-hoop tutorials, for FREE! As well as that we will be sharing some of our flow videos to give you an idea of what can be done with multi-hoops and to keep you inspired and mesmerised! 
  • Hula Hoop for better mental health!

    Some people think of hula hooping as just sending a hoop around the waist, but hoop dance has developed to be so much more these days! It is a whole complex series of tricks and illusions created using dynamic full body movements all fused with dance! Because of the complexity and full body movement the benefits of a regular practice go beyond just the physical and have an astounding positive impact on the mind. 
  • How to hula hoop

    F*@K yeah! You're gonna learn to hula hoop! I'm so excited for you. For me, hula hooping has been a life changer. I have never felt so in tune with...