The hula hoop blog

  • It's multi-hoop month!

    This month we will be sharing with you all the goodies focused around multi-hooping! 
    You can expect to find some beginner and intermediate multi-hoop tutorials, for FREE! As well as that we will be sharing some of our flow videos to give you an idea of what can be done with multi-hoops and to keep you inspired and mesmerised! 
  • Hula Hoop for better mental health!

    Some people think of hula hooping as just sending a hoop around the waist, but hoop dance has developed to be so much more these days! It is a whole complex series of tricks and illusions created using dynamic full body movements all fused with dance! Because of the complexity and full body movement the benefits of a regular practice go beyond just the physical and have an astounding positive impact on the mind. 
  • How to hula hoop

    F*@K yeah! You're gonna learn to hula hoop! I'm so excited for you. For me, hula hooping has been a life changer. I have never felt so in tune with...