How to hula hoop with 2 hoops!

Double hooping is a whole other skill set compared to hooping with just one hula hoop. It requires complex brain body connections which allow both sides of the body to do different things. Much like playing the drums or the piano, this feels difficult at first but it can become blissful and flowy with practice! 

Double hula hoop classes have started over on Hoop Dance Academy! Here you can access a huge range of classes which now include detailed break downs of double hoop tricks for those who are just starting with their multi-hoop journey. 

To get involved, you'll need just 2 lightweight (polypro) hula hoops of the same size. These can be much smaller than your beginner single hoops and also much lighter, this is because we will mostly be using them off the body and lighter, smaller hoops can be easier to manipulate for hand-centric hula hoop tricks. 

If you're excited to get started then I highly recommend checking out our beginner double hoop classes HERE.

adults hula hoop classes for double hooping
hoop dance choreography class for double hula hoop

We have heaps more double hoop and single hula hoop tutorials coming out soon! In fact, we have new classes every single week. That means that you will never run out of fresh inspiration and you can keep growing and flowing <3