The happy habit of hooping

So, summer is over, I'm wondering where my woolly slippers are and when my pumpkins will be ready to eat. It's almost that time of year we get to listen to people in the Northern hemisphere get excited about their warer weather, while we hunker down for winter.

I saw so many inspiring flow artists this year at festivals and just floating around in the world. It's so energising to see magical folk come out of the woodwork in summer, juggling on the village green, spinning fire at the beach. Where do they all hide over winter?

I've been thinking about the past season and I am already dreaming of next spring (anyone else? ☀️) How can I take the memories and lesson from this past summer to make the next one even better? I have made an autumn resolution to practice my hula hooping through winter, so that next year I can flow and glow all summer long.

There are only 265 days until December 1st! I read recently that it can take 254 days to form a new behaviour- so it's time to start now! (everybody panic!) A behaviour can become automatic in 66 days, that's the average. That means I could master a new hula hoop trick every two months for the next 8 months- imagine how mind-blowing I'd be by Splore '24!

I wanted to do a little digging and I came across Harvard Business Review that a new skill takes 6 months to master- even more reason to start practicing one leg hooping (or insert your arch nemesis hoop trick here!) ASAP. Of course that article is all about getting ahead in the workplace, but I'm sure we can extrapolate to impressing a bunch of strangers in a paddock too...

Finding your flow when learning new tricks, or trying to solidify a new habit can be tiring and frustrating so remember to be kind to yourself, listen to your body. Whatever you do- is GOOD! Dropped the hoop? GOOD. Messed it up? GOOD. Well done you for getting off your butt. You're doing really GOOD!!

I love this trick list from Hoopsmiles to inspire me when I need a new challenge.

And heres a NYT article about forming habits.

Need a new hoop to get you started? Big autumn sale on selected hoops coming soon!

Stay sparkly! 


(Blog photo from Hoopsmiles- check out their awesome website here.)