Hula Hooping Inspiration

Recently I have been teaching choreographed routines over on Hoop Dance Academy and I wanted to share a video of someone who inspired me to pick up  my hula hoop when I was still a beginner. 

Ahni uses a range of beginner friendly tricks incorporated with belly dance, as well as some gymnastics! The effect is very mesmerising and graceful. 
When I first watched Ahni's video, I could not fathom what was even going on! I can say now that I actually know most of these tricks now! But of course, everyone has their unique flare and for that I still gawp at Ahni's hoop flow and feel refreshed and inspired every time. 

It looks like Ahni is using a 30 or 31inch polypro (intermediate hoop) in 3/4 standard thickness tubing. 

To see our range of polypro hoops, take a peek here. 

To try out some beginner and intermediate classes and learn full routines as well as fun new tricks, try out Hoop Dance Academy with a 2 week free trial! 

Hula hoop