How to Not Set Yourself on Fire

Happy almost Winter Solstice everyone!
We have the shortest day coming up on June 21st, and I know (hope!) some of you will be out in the wild, singing & dancing around fires, enjoying kai with family and friends, and maybe doing a bit of fire dance. I know I will be.

fire performer spinning a burning hula hoop in the dark

Since we have restocked kevlar wicks for fire hooping just in time to celebrate the winter season, (Check them out here) I wanted to drop in and give you my top tips for staying safe while you play with fire (don't tell your mum).

1. Use the right fuel. We recommend Pegasol 3440, which is available in NZ and has a relatively low burn point and smell.
2. Play with friends. As with most things, playing with friends is more fun, and it's safer. Practice fire spinning with an experienced person first, which leads us to number 3...
3. Have an emergency plan. Discuss with your fellow spinners what to do if someone catches on fire, have a fire blanket handy at all times.
4. Spin fire sober! Playing with fire is dangerous! Please spin sober and do not lend your fire hoop out to anyone you don't fully trust.
5. Wear the right clothes. Natural fibres are essential. Read more about the burn point for different textiles here. Please note that while synthetic fabrics may have a very high burn point, they will melt and stick to your skin - yes, it's unpleasant as it sounds. Tie back long hair, or wear a wool beanie.

long exposure shot of fire performer spinning flaming hula hoop

Lastly, don't forget to ask your creative photographer friends to try and get some action shots of you while you spin fire in the dark, just make sure they are not getting too close to the ring of fire, as I am sure they don't want to be set alight.

Stay warm, stay safe and flame it up, friends!