What's so great about Pixie Hula Hoops?

Whether you're a seasoned professional hooper, or just getting started as a beginner, you might be wondering the same thing; Are Pixie Hula Hoops right for me?

The short answer is YES!

A longer answer will tell you that we believe our hula hoops are the best in New Zealand. I know that seems bold to say, but we've got facts and stats to back ourselves up:

  • We are the longest established shop in NZ that focuses on only hula hoops
  • We were founded by, and continue to be solely run by hula hoopers, for hula hoopers!
  • We are 100% NZ owned, I make hoops in beautiful Golden Bay, at the top of the South Island (sometimes customers come visit me to look at the hoop selection, if you're in town, let me know!)
  • We have the most choices to perfectly customise your hoop, including size, weight and colours- no other store in NZ creates as customisable hoops as us
  • I custom make every hoop with love, that means that your hoop could be totally unique and perfectly suited to your skill level and your body.
  • Our extensive range means we can create hula hoops for every body. Tall, wide, small, skinny or anything else- we got you covered! We have made extra large, and extra small hoops for customers who want them.
  • Not only do we supply hoops for every body-shape, but also every learner level; from never-picked-up-a-hoop-before to professionals-performing-on-stage, plus we make kids' sizes!
  • I am available for questions instantly by phone, email and messenger to answer questions and make personalised recommendations so that you get the perfect hoop (you could say I don't have a life, but I would just say I'm dedicated to the customer)
  • We are endorsed by some of New Zealand's most fantastic hula hoopers
  • We use high-quality materials that cost a bit more, because we believe that buying one great-quality product is better than having to replace an inferior product multiple times over
  • Our Polypro hoops are made from tubing that is made in, and imported from the U.S. We import it in especially for Pixie Hula Hoops, so you won't find a better quality polypro hula hoop in New Zealand
  • All of our hoops are travel hoops! That means they coil up, or come apart to fit in your bag, campervan, to easily take to festivals or for easy storage
  • We do our best for the environment- we ditched all single-use plastic packaging, instead opting for recycled paper and recycled and compostable postage bags. All materials (except polypro tubing) come from local NZ suppliers. Last year I also planted more than 400 native trees, that's unrelated to hula hooping but I just wanted you to know 😁🌳
  • Reviews don't lie. We get 5-star reviews from customers who have been impressed by our quality, fast turn-around and awesome customer service
  • Our hoop community is wonderful and supportive. I am continually blown away by the beautiful souls I meet through Pixie Hoops. The hula hoop community in NZ is active, thriving, welcoming, supportive and loving. You can find them and get involved via our Instagram, Facebook or TikTok

Need more reasons? Check out our website to experience some of the magic of Pixie Hula Hoops, or get in touch with me directly to find your first, or your next custom hula hoop!