How To Get Fit From Hula Hooping


Hulahoop fitness is big right now with sales of weighted fitness hoops drastically rising this last couple of years. With so many people buying fitness hula hoops there must be something in it thats creating results that are inspiring others. 

So let's look into it, how do you get fit from using weighted hoops? 

1. Get The Right Hoop!!!
First and foremost you need to make sure you have got the right hoop that is going to give you the best experience as well as optimising your chance of real change! 
We highly recommend getting a fitness weighted hula hoop between 300 to 550g. We recommend these hula hoops over much heavier ones due to heavy weighted hula hoops causing discomfort and bruising for many people, especially with regular or pro-longed use! 
Its no good if you can only hoop for a couple of minutes because it causes you pain after such a short amount of time!! We want you to keep inspired and for hooping to feel good as well as give you good results!! 

Our weighted hula hoops weigh around 450g at a standard size of 38Inches. Larges sizes will weigh slightly more. We tape our hoops using top quality grip tapes which add traction to the hoop making it easier to keep up around your body. 

weighted hula hoops taped in turquoise and yellow pictured on a deck
2. Master Waist Hooping- In Both directions! 
Hoop fitness is fundamentally about getting a tight, toned, snatched waist and to do that you need to be able to push your comfort zone with the amount of time you can hold a hula hoop up around your waist. 
This can be very difficult at first, most adults who try again after not hooping since child-hood need to re-learn how to hula hoop! Luckily we have some wonderful classes lead by professional teachers to help you master that pesky waist hooping. 
Come on over to Hoop Dance Academy to take our waist hooping class! Once you already can waist hoop you can start levelling up with a waist hooping challenge class! 

Hula Hoop classes
Many people start their hula hooping journey and then give up after discovering that its harder than they thought! But its those who persevere who actually see the results they wanted and get rewarded for their hard work! 
Here is a few tips on how to make sure that you are one of the ones who do not give up and are able to reach their goals: 

  • Keep trying!- If you haven't mastered how to keep the hoop up around your waist after trying it just a few times you shouldn't be put off! Keep picking it back up, try again tomorrow and the next day and the next and you will without a doubt get it! 
    Our classes at Hoop Dance Academy can also be great assistance here with tutorials from professional teachers to make your learning experience easier. 

  • Add Variety!- If you're only hooping around your waist you might find the novelty wears off after a while. A great way to keep inspired as well as challenge your mind & body is to learn other hula hoop tricks! There are many tricks which will challenge your arm muscles, core, legs and even back muscles! Pick a class that sounds exciting to you! 

  • Pump Some Music!- Like with any workout, music can help to inspire you, make you feel like a total badass as well as help your body to feel like moving! So put on your favourite playlist and hoop away!