Best Hula Hoop Tricks For Total Beginners

What hoop tricks should I learn as a total beginner?! 

Yaaaaaay! I'm thrilled that you have decided to take the journey of learning hula hoop! Honestly, its been a game changer for myself. Learning hoop dance has made me finally able to say that I love my body! 
Hooping has increased my cardio fitness- A good flow session or repeating steps to get a new trick down is without a doubt going to get your sweat on!
Hooping has helped me tone up!- Hooping takes muscles to create illusions & control. These unusual movements help build muscle flexibility & strength by getting you activating muscles you would never use doing most other things!
Hooping has given me confidence to be me!- From dancing on stage to teaching others, hooping has shown me I can be who I want to be, I can be silly & creative, I can dance in parks & pubs, I can play and laugh and not worry so much about what others think! Life should be FUN! Are you with me!? 

best hoop dance tricks for beginner hula hoopers

So you have dreams of being the graceful hooper you were mesmerised by in videos or at a festival somewhere but where on earth to start!? 
Not to worry, here are our top 5 most important hula hoop tricks for beginners to learn:

1. Waist Hooping 

Hooping around the waist is a key component to many hoop dance routines, it will also give you a great core workout as well as get your heart rate pumping. 
If you're new to hooping you might find that waist hooping is harder than you expect! 
If you need some help learning, I recommend firstly making sure you have a large weighted or slightly weighted hoop. Secondly, learn from the professionals: 
Hoop Dance Academy has an in-depth tutorial on how to hoop around your waist, as well as follow along classes to practice and improve your waist hooping! 


how to hula hoop around your waist

2. Forward & Reverse Weaves 


Weaves are a fairly simple trick but are the building blocks to so, so, so, so, so many hula hoop tricks and transitions! Learn weaves and you will be well on your way to being able to flow and dance with your hoop already! 
Hoop dance academy teaches weaves as well as flow classes to teach you how to move & dance using weaves to create graceful & fun movement with your hoop. 

how to do weaves with your hula hoop


3. The Isolation Illusion 

The isolation illusion is one of our most requested beginner hula hoop tricks. Its an illusion trick that makes spectators gawp and it is a wonderful move for adding into dance routines. 
The Beginner to Baddas Course at Hoop Dance Academy includes a great class teaching the Isolation Illusion. 

beginner hula hoop tricks in a full online course

4. The Escalator 

The Escalator is another beginner favourite which takes a bit of trust! This trick involves flicking the hula hoop up the body and catching it again at the top. It looks impressive and is relatively simple.
Here is the Hoop Dance Academy tutorial for it! They also teach lots of beginner hula hoop dance routines so you can learn how to put tricks together into a dance! 

Beginner hula hoop trick the escalator


5. The Lift Off 

Getting the hula hoop off your body is an essential thing for beginners to learn. The lift-off is one of the most stunning ways to do so! 
This trick can be learnt at Hoop Dance Academy along with many other ways to get the hoop off your body from waist hooping. 

Hula Hoop tricks for beginners online class




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Happy Hooping!!