How to hula hoop

F*@K yeah! You're gonna learn to hula hoop! I'm so excited for you. For me, hula hooping has been a life changer. I have never felt so in tune with my body and also so inspired to get up and move my body! 
Now I dance at every opportunity and both my body and mind thank me for it every time. I hope it does the same for you!

So how the F$&k do you hula hoop then? 

#1 Get the right hula hoop!! If you're trying to learn as an adult but you're using a cheap, dollar-store hula hoop then you're going to struggle. Those cheap, nasty hula hoops are not designed for adults and are not made to last either. I highly recommend that you get a quality hula hoop that is designed for beginners and made specifically for adults. Make sure to also include grip tape! This is a type of tape that helps the hoop to stick to your body and clothing easier; The grippy-ness means it is less likely to keep slipping down your body, so more time having fun hula hooping and less time spent picking it up off the floor! 
You can get a beginner hula hoop from us at Pixie Hula Hoop! We have heaps of designs and colours to choose from so you can look like a badass while you do spin that hoop!

Hula hoops for adults pink purple blue


#2 Get the right movement. Hula hooping around the waist is a movement that is a bit usual if our bodies are not used to it! Thats why many people try and give up after the first go (especially if they have the wrong hoop!). We have a video tutorial you can use to get a comprehensive understanding of waist hooping! Its the first video in our online beginner hoop course! You can get access the to full course if you'd like to keep learning more! Waist hooping is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the incredible world of learning hula hooping!


#3 Level up! Hooping doesn't stop with waist hooping! Its only the smallest fraction of a beginning! Hula hooping is such a complex and beautiful, full body, dance and fitness form of art! Here is an example of a hoop dance flow video! I teach many of these hoop moves in the beginner online hoop course! Keeping learning new trick will keep you inspired! You'll have a reason to get up and move your body, you'll keep feeling more connected to your body as well as getting stronger and loosening all of the body, leaving you feeling like dancing everywhere you go. 

Featured:  Un-taped polypro hula hoop (for intermediate hoopers) 

#4 Practice! Practice! Practice!  Defying the laws of gravity takes some time to master! So stick with it and practice regularly. Even if its just for 5 minutes a day! Have fun with it and see what seemingly impossible things you can achieve! You may be surprised.