Hula Hoop Classes At Your Fingertips

Wooooweeeee, its been a big messy year for us! Growing Pixie Hula Hoops has been such an incredible way to meet other hoopers in the community here and to spread the buzz of learning how to hula hoop for those who have come to us as new hoopers in the making! 

This surge of new hoopers inspired me to create an online course for beginner hoopers! It started with a short course of just 10 video tutorials made for total beginners. Due to the popularity and great feedback on this short course I have been working hard to level up my teaching abilities, video skills & website building abilities to fuse together a creation that has become my baby! 

Let me introduce Hoop Dance Academy to you: An on-demand hub for hoopers of all levels to learn hula hooping from myself and from top International guest teachers. 

Hula Hoop Classes Online

This is a platform that will only continue to grow! With already several full courses to choose from, you can learn skills from being a complete newbie to hoop dance, to mastering new creative tricks as an advanced hooper!

knee hooping workshop online course for hula hoopers
I have had the absolute pleasure not only to teach myself but to also bring in some incredible international teachers too! It has been such a pleasure to work with these amazing hoopers and I have even had the opportunity to learn from them myself by taking their classes which are on the Hoop Dance Academy website. 
Hula Hoop Dance Class Online Workshop With Taylor Flows
Another very special thing about this platform is that by subscribing, you can access all content! This means unlimited classes & tutorials for a great value price! 
I chose this model so as I can bring you more content for a better value price! The usual cost of a hula hoop class ranges between $12 to $25 for an hour, and  more for one-to-one classes. With this website I am able to provide you an ever growing library of professionally led classes from as little as $9.99 to $19.99 per month!!  

shoulder hooping course online for 7 weeks how to
Did I mention that there are also new videos released every single week! This means there will be fresh challenges, endless inspiration and new ways to learn all the time, all at the tip of your fingers... 
Come on over to Hoop Dance Academy to check out what we have to offer and try out some classes with a free 2 week trial. 
We will get you feeling like a majestic unicorn hooping on rainbows in no time! 

hula hooping rainbow unicorn