It's multi-hoop month!

Some of us crazy hoopers have decided that one hoop simply isn't enough and we’d like to challenge our minds and bodies with two, three, four or even more hoops!!! 
You might ask whaaaaaat on earth is someone to do with more than one hoop!? Well the possibilities are quite limitless! This month we will be sharing with you all the goodies focused around multi-hooping! 
You can expect to find some beginner and intermediate multi-hoop tutorials, for FREE! As well as that we will be sharing some of our flow videos to give you an idea of what can be done with multi-hoops and to keep you inspired and mesmerised! 

Here is a little video I have put together of a hula hoop flow on our YouTube Channel! We have featured music from up and coming New Zealand music artist Benee. You will also see featured our new limited edition Lime Sparkle hoop tape! These will be listed in our shop very soon!! 

 Our YouTube Channel is quite new and will be host to many free hula hoop tutorials, practical advice for using and caring for our hula hoops and plenty of creative hoop flow videos! Subscribe to make sure you get to see our latest content all for free! 

If you love circus style hula hooping.. Here is a stunning circus act that has been blowing our minds! This act shows just how much we are capable of! The impossible is possible! I'll be taking inspiration from this to improve my multi-hooping this month. 

 So to celebrate multi-hoop month we are offering discounts on multiple hula hoop purchases! 

Use these codes at the checkout to get discounts on your own set of multi-hoops handmade here in New Zealand! 

Save 7% on a set of doubles with code  DOUBLELUCKY7

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