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Hula Hoop Classes For All Skill Levels! 

Welcome to the easiest and most cost effect way to learn hula hooping! Hoop Dance Academy is a 100% online Academy with a huge library of tutorials, classes & courses for you to explore at your leisure!

Here are just a few of the many classes waiting for you to explore & grow into your sassiest, most confident self!

One subscription grants access to ALL classes!!!

Beginner To Badass: A hoop dance course for total beginners- This course includes an in-depth waist hooping tutorial, learn our most popular beginner tricks and begin putting together tricks into a dance routine!

Sassy Choreography Workshop:  In this 50min class you can learn an entire performance routine for beginner to intermediate skill level. This Choreography is sassy and fun so get ready to learn new skills from Professional Hoop Teacher & Performer Taylor Flows. 


Shoulder Hooping 101: FINALLY MASTER SHOULDER HOOPING! We know its a tricky move to get so we created a course with 7 classes to help you get some buttery smooth, sexy, shoulder hooping! This course includes tutorials, drills classes, shoulder hoop flow routines and ways to level up your shoulder & chest hooping. 

Knee Hooping Tricks & Transitions Workshop: Learn how to take one leg out of the hoop from knee hooping, get your leg back into the hoop and some other creative ways to get out of knee hooping. This class will get you improving your balance skills, work your legs, glutes & core as well as get you learning those knee hooping skills! 

New Inspiration:  7 creative skill classes for intermediate to advanced hoopers. These skills are all lesser-known and un-usual tricks & combinations which are both fun to learn and mind blowing to watch. 


Hairography Routine Workshop: Put together some sassy dance and hoop tricks in this hairography hoop dance choreography class! Expect attitude, hair swishing, dynamic movement & lots of fun. 


What The Hoop Course:  A course for intermediate hoopers, great if you have just  bought a polypro hoop and are ready to learn new skills & get to know your new lighter hoop! This course contains Pixies favourite mesmerising tricks.. ones what will make spectators say Whaaaaaat The Hoop!?! 

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