About Us

Kia Ora! 

Thanks for coming to our website to see our eco-conscious, handmade hula hoops! 

We are a small business based in beautiful Golden Bay New Zealand and post our hula hoops all across New Zealand! We hand-make each hula hoop and use the best quality resources that we can find! 


Our Eco Efforts! 

We really love this planet and we love Aotearoa! So we are trying to take care of it! Heres some of the things we are doing to make ourselves New Zealand more eco-friendly hula hoop makers! 

1. Our hula hoops are all made from recyclable tubing! This means we can recycle any un-usable off-cuts, therefore reducing waste during the making process. This also means that should your hoops eventually come to the end of their long life, they can be recycled! 

2. We run our workshop entirely on solar power! From our lighting to charging tools, all of the energy in our hoop-making workshop is coming from the sun!

3. Our hoops are packaged using recycled bubble wrap and compostable mailers! When you receive your package, you'll see a green tinge to our bubble wrap, and this is because its made from recycled materials! You can also recycle this bubble wrap at a local soft plastics recycling point.
Our bio-degradable mailers are both home and commercially compostable so as they can break down without adding waste or toxicity to the environment. 

4. We source our tools and components locally when possible. Though it is not possible for everything that we need to produce these high quality hoops, we try to support our local businesses where we can and reduce the carbon footprint of our hoop parts and tools. 

5. Our hoops are made to last. Our hoops are quite the opposite of cheap, mass produced toys you may find in chain-stores. Each one is handcrafted, made to your specifications and designed to last. We want people to laugh longer, love longer and play harder! 


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About our hoops!:

Our adult, beginner hula hoops are made from MDPE tubing which has some weight to it, the weight makes learning waist hooping and other on-body tricks much easier. It also helps you to gain control and strength in off body beginner tricks! We even have a hula hoop online course to get you started! 

Our intermediate hula hoops are made from polypro tubing! This tubing is lighter and more reactive but also still durable and sturdy so much less likely to break than cheap hoops! These lighter hoops are amazing for learning more advanced tricks as well as developing a flow and dance with the hoop! 

The kids hoops that we make are made from the same tubing as out adult hula hoops, this is because its the most durable and less likely to break in the hands of  our playful little ones! These hoops are made to a small size which is great for play and learning as a small human. 

Each of our hula hoops are taped using professional grade grip tape and quality hula hoop tapes! We select our tapes for their high quality in the hopes of keeping your hoop beautiful for longer! Taking care of your hoop correctly is still important if you want to keep your hoop looking fabulous while you look fabulous using it! 




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Who is behind Pixie Hula Hoops NZ?

Kia Ora! I'm Laura. I have a huge passion for hoop dance, circus and playful movement. For me, hula hooping has had a huge impact on increasing my confidence as well as keeping me fit in the most playful and fun way imaginable! Its my dream to be able to share this passion with others are fill peoples worlds with more colour, dance, sparkle and rainbows.

I began hula hooping in 2014 and after a couple of years of playing around I suddenly became obsessed! I had never felt so in tune with by body and so inspired to keep learning an art form! After another year I started performing at festivals and then running workshops teaching other people how to hula hoop! I feel incredibly lucky to have stumbled upon this wonderful art form and love being able to share it with you! 

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