hula hoop in lime green holographic tape
weighted hula hoop
two lime green hula hoops with holographic tape pictured on a pallet
view of three lime green hula hoops for adult beginners with bright colours
three hula hoops made in nz in lime green holographic tape
Woman holding 3 hula hoops, one beginner 3 colour hula hoop, one lime green hula hoop and one neon orange and teal small hula hoop all made for adults in nz
two sets of custom made hula hoops, one lime green hula hoop twins and another in purple and polypro hoop
Beginner Holographic Lime Flabbergaster Hula Hoop [LIMITED EDITION[

Beginner Holographic Lime Flabbergaster Hula Hoop [LIMITED EDITION[

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Learn to hoop with neon holographic goodness!! What an epic way to start! Our limited edition Holographic Lime tape is eye-catching and flabbergast inducing! This special edition hula hoop will be available only while stocks last! 
Our hula hoops are hand-made here in New Zealand, we love creating these hoops and thinking of the many hours and days of joy and bliss that the hoops will bring!  

This listing is for a beginner hula hoop! Our beginner tubing is loved by people who are starting out hula hooping! It is made using MDPE tubing which is slightly weighted; the weight makes the hoop easier to learn with and so more time can be spent dedicated to the fun and fitness and less time picking the hoop up off the floor! 

Our beginner hoops are ALL travel hoops! This means they can coil down to half of their size. Because of this, you can take you hoop with you everywhere! 

For most beginners we recommend starting with a 36inch Standard size hoop, though if you are taller or wider than average you may wish to select a larger size to suit your body type. We also offer a smaller size for those more suited to smaller hoops. If you are unsure about size, please check out our sizing chart, this can be seen in the product photos or for more info view it here.  Each of our hoops are made-to-order, so if you haven't seen listed a size or design you're dreaming of, send us a message! 

If you can already hula hoop you may prefer our intermediate range of polypro (lighter-weight) hoops! Some people also choose to buy one of each go go between for different tricks and types of practice. 

We strive to make quality products and try our best to source the highest quality components that we can! We also care for our planet by using recyclable materials where possible and packaging using bio-degradable mailers! 

Each hula hoop is made-to-order, please allow 2-5 days for your hula hoop to be crafted! We post our using NZ Post with an average shipping time of just 3 days across New Zealand, postage to rural or overseas addresses may take longer. We are able to provide secure checkout for Visa, Mastercard and PayPal! We value your privacy and keep your details private.

Have fun with your hoop journey! And thank you for supporting our small business!